Oral Sex Tips For Both Men And Women

Oral sex is one of the ways married couples, escorts and other individuals enjoy sex. When done right, it can be an unforgettable experience to both of you and hence worth a try. However, there are some fundamental tips which helps oral sex to be fun. They include:

Using your mouth and your hands too

If your tongue or mouth is tried, you can switch to using your hands slowly to relax and gain strength. Alternatively, you can stimulate her clitoris with your tongue while still fingering her slowly or touching other sensitive areas to make it more enjoyable. On the other hand, a woman can slowly lick the tip of the penis while directing it into her mouth using her hands. In fact, it helps women prevent deep throats where men get carried away and want a full penis sensation in their mouth. You can wrap the bottom of his shaft with your hands and then take the rest of his shaft into your mouth slowly.

You can use a lube

If you don’t like the smell of the genital area, there are flavored and scented lubes which can help you with that. Lube can also add an extra sensation to a hand job making it more enjoyable.

Choose the right oral positions

When having oral sex, easy access to each other’s genitals is key to facilitate stimulation. This can be achieved through a lot of practice and performing some online research prior to having oral sex. Here are common examples of oral sex positions:

• The classic – This can be applicable to both men and women depending on who lies on the bed. To a woman, you can modify this style by placing a pillow under the hips of the woman to raise her pelvis for better stimulation.

• Queening – This is mostly used to satisfy women. Here, the woman sits on the face of her lover for oral sex. It can be done when a man lies flat on the bed and a woman kneels over him. Since it is possible to move your hips while still being aroused, queening is very effective in adult oral sex.

• The throne – this is the opposite of queening. Here a man sits on a chair while the woman kneels before him giving oral sex. This is great for couples who like to watch a bit of porn during their oral encounter.

• Doggy style – This is also ideal to please women especially during oral sex. The man can be laying on the bed to have a good view of your genitals or he can be behind you.

• Standing up – as a man, you can stand up and have a woman sit on a chair, bed or kneel while giving you a blow job. The woman can also use her hands to stimulate other erotic parts of the man simultaneously.

Even though oral sex is enjoyable, a man and a woman should agree on it before embarking. This makes it more fun and everyone contributes without shying off or failing to do their part. Additionally, you can agree on do’s and don’ts to make it inclusive. For example, if you don’t like tasting semen, you can agree not to ejaculate in the mouth of your lover. Otherwise, oral sex is fun for all involved!

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