Living and working in London are two different things in my book

I love working for the best outcall North London escorts, but living in central London is a nightmare. It can cost a small fortune to live in London, and even getting around London with my oyster card costs a lot of money. I share an apartment with another girl from North London escorts to keep expenses down, and that sort of help, but still, when I finish for the week, I want to close my door and not go out.


Saving money is not easy when you live in London. I am only managing because I don’t go out at weekends. Some of the girls at North London escorts of do go out a lot, but then again, they don’t make as much dinner dating as I do. Instead of going out at the weekend, I concentrate on having my fun with the gents from London escorts. I am not really into clubbing or the strip clubs or hanging out in bars unless I am in the company of a gentleman.


During the weekend, I do, on occasion, work for North London escorts, but if I don’t have an overnight on Saturday, I take time off and stay at home. Sure, I may go out in Greenwich’s immediate area, but I stay away from jumping on the Tube and going into central London. I honestly get enough of that when I work for London escorts during the week. Going for walks down the river and to the market in Greenwich suits me so much better.


Also, it saves me a small fortune when it comes to spending money. The other girls at London escorts think I am a little bit of a loner, but that is not true. My colleagues at North London escorts don’t know that I have been able to buy a charming little cottage in the Cornish village I come. When I finally finish my North London escorts career, I intend to return to Cornwall, pick up my surfboard, and enjoy life. I do miss home on occasion, and every so often, I like to go home. It is just like getting a little fix and reminding me of what life is all about. Once back home in Cornwall, I sit in the harbor and watch the sun go down. If you were born by the sea, I think that you tend to go back to it.


You can do well working for North London escorts, but one thing is for sure, you do need to watch your expenses. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, and for a country girl like me, it just does not make sense to spend all of that money. Working in London has set me up for the rest of my life, but I am certainly not going to spend all of my money on going out. There are far better things I can spend my hard-earned cash on.

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