Dating escorts all over the world

According to Alan there is just something special about Hungerford escorts, and Alan says that escorts from around the world has a lot to learn from Hungerford escorts. Alan also says that Hungerford escorts agencies of are the best. Hungerford escorts agencies do not patronize you at all, and the front desk girls always speak to you like a man.

I love going to Las Vegas says Alan, but I don’t enjoy dating in Las Vegas. As an international business man, I travel there quite a bit but I have never met a Las Vegas babe that I have liked. Many of the girls that I have met have turned up in torn jeans, believing that to be sexy.

Now, if you are going on a date with a man staying in $800 per night suite, you don’t turn up in torn jeans. A Hungerford escort would never do that. As a matter of fact, I have told some Hungerford escorts about my adventures in Las Vegas and they just crunched. They obviously think it is embarrassing, and Hungerford girls would never dress like that.

Also, a lot of Las Vegas girls are quite sleazy. They wear clothes which just shout out escort, and a lot of them seem to model themselves on Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. This is not what I am after and I always look for a nicer girl. I like to date ladies who can carry themselves off well.

It is partly the agencies fault. You can call an agency in Las Vegas, and all of the front desk girls talk over you. They don’t seem to be able to listen to what you are looking for. Obviously if you are going for a dinner date, you don’t want to along a girl in thigh high boots. You would like her to be smartly dressed.

And then you have the art of conversation – some of the girls are great dancers but they cannot hold a conversation for more than five minutes. All they can talk about is Las Vegas, shoes and sexy topics. That does not go down to well around the dinner table. In many ways you don’t get the service that you are paying for.

Dating in Las Vegas can be a pretty horrible experience, and not the refined business of dating in Hungerford. Many of the girls offer you cheap sex, and I am not into that at all. When I date, I want a classy lady who I can have some fun with and not what Las Vegas girls offer. To be honest next time I travel to Las Vegas, I will probably avoid dating and save myself some money. It would be nice to think that services would be of the same quality everywhere but they are not. All in all, I do think I prefer the escort services of my Hungerford girls.

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